The Filipino-American Performing Artists of North Carolina (FAPA-NC) is a dynamic collaboration of Filipino-American families in the North Carolina Triangle area who wish to impart and share Filipino culture, history and values through music, dance, literature, drama, visual arts and crafts. FAPA-NC is a nonprofit educational organization registered with the State of North Carolina.

FAPA-NC was previously known as TAFADG (Triangle Area Filipino-American Dance Group). The Dance Group has expanded its goals to encompass not only dancing, but all forms of performing arts- hence the change in name.

FAPA-NC is an independent group that aims to unify the Filipino-American groups in the Triangle with respect to the performing arts. Membership is open to everyone, irrespective of current Filipino-American organizational affiliation.

Some of our previous activities include:

January 18 Liturgical Dance, Church of the Holy Infant
January 22 Show, The Bamboo Club Restaurant
January 31 General Assembly and Workshop, Swift Creek Community Center
April 2-4 Dances, Florida PhilFest, Tampa, FL
May 23 Dances, Opening of the Church of the Risen Lord, Morrisville
May 29 Wedding Offering Dance
June 5 Special Guest Performance, Philippine Independence Day Celebration, West Palm Beach, FL
August 28 Dances, Wendell International Festival, Wendell Plaza
October 14 Dances, Ravenscroft School
November 5-7 Dances, Raleigh International Festival (with Philippine-American Association of North Carolina)
November 21 Show, White Plains United Methodist Church
March 16 Dance, Multicultural Festival, Immaculata Church
March 28 Show, DanceFest, Parkwood Elementary School
March 29 Discover the Arts Workshop, Greenwood Forest Baptist Church
April 26 Dances, Anak Pawis Fiesta
May 3 Dances, Spring Festival, State Fairgrounds
July 7 Lecture/Demo, Danceast Asia
September 13 Show, Wendell International Festival, Wendell Plaza
October 3 Show, Harvest Festival, Wendell Plaza
November 8-9 Show, Raleigh International Festival, Dorton Arena
December 31 Food Booth and Dances, First Night Raleigh, Raleigh Convention Center
August 24 Sayaw, Awit, At Iba Pa, the group’s first major production at the Fletcher Theater at the BTI Center for the Performing Arts. This was a showcase of Philippine culture through dance and music. This show featured more than 100 dancers from the Triangle area.
September International Festival, St. Michael’s Church
November Raleigh International Festival, Dorton Arena

In 2005, FAPA-NC was granted federal tax-exempt status and has since operated as a non-profit organization. Its mission statement continues to be the sharing of Filipino culture, history and values through music, dance, literature, drama, visual arts and crafts, not only with member families but with the entire community as well. A 14-member Board of Directors is elected every two years and formally meets every month to assess directions and policies taken by the group. The Board and its various working committees plan out activities for the upcoming months. The group continues to perform at local community functions and endeavors to produce a major cultural presentation every two years.